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Baby & Me: Terrible Sleeping Habits

I hate to say it, but it’s all your fault. I get it. Having a baby is extremely difficult and there is a good thing I can’t physically have one. (LOL!)

The problem is not your baby, you are the problem creating a big problem. And you are probably asking yourself how? Right?

This is how your are the problem with your infant. As I list some of these statistics, I want you to be completely honest with yourself and check the ones off that you are guilty of. Ready?

Common Bad Habits

You put the baby in the crib, when they are already asleep

You share the bed with your precious baby

You rock your baby to sleep

When your baby wakes up, you soothe your baby back to sleep

You don’t give your baby independent sleeping cues like white noises

See your baby is training you. Your baby has you wrapped around his or her little finger. It’s real cute at first but then it becomes an issue.

So Mom… You have to gain back control! You can do this, I believe in you.


Change of Heart?

How to recognize when a new sheriff needs to come to town.

You’re exhausted. You’re overeating or not eating at all, short fused with your other children or spouse, spaced out at work, driving super dangerously, or thinking about smoking again.

You’re frustrated. Arguing with your spouse, waking up all hours of the night, constantly nursing, infant sleep resistance

You’re child is unhappy. The baby is super cranking, no patience, cries at everything, irritable at bed-time, wakes up crying in the middle of the night.

These are signs that you may need to change your routine up. This routine will not only benefit your baby, but you and your spouse, and your whole family. To avoid bigger problems in the future focus on these sleeping cues now. You want to teach your child how to self-soothe.

Try the Wake & Sleep Technique

Before putting your child down for a nap or for bed, wrap the baby in a snug swaddle.

Turn on a white noise. You want it to be as loud as a running shower.

If the baby is hungry, please feed your child.

Let the baby drift off to sleep in your arms.

Right after you put your baby to sleep, gently rouse the baby to open their eyes. (touch their nose, scratch their feet, do something to get them to open their eyes)

After a few seconds, he or she should fall back to sleep.

(If the child wakes up, he or she might be uncomfortable, hungry, normal symptoms, etc. Check all of these and repeat the process.) The goal is to get the baby to sleep without you, so you can get some quality sleep and be the best version of yourself.

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