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Whether you like a little friendly competition or need some extra motivation, then Small Group Training is for you!

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  • Circuit Based Training

  • Group of 4 or less


Dynamic Warm-Up​​

A good warm-up is vital to your workout. Getting the body ready for movement by raising the body's temperature, blood flow to your upper and lower extremities, and prepping the body for exercise. This will help you gauge your body on the workout to follow.

The Workout

Magic Time! This is where the majority of the time will be spent. This will be a circuit based exercise following your comrades from one exercise to the next. Sometimes the exercise will be on a time regiment or a number of repetitions for each movement.

The Cooldown

The workout is done. But we need to cool the body down after working. This is a good transition time for the body to focus on what it has next. During this time, you would typically focus on stretching, breathing, lowering your heart rate.

The Break

Go around and congratulate your teammates for showing up to work today. This is a great time to keep building the comradery with your small group friends.

Training with a small group doing a circuit style training can be super motivating. With the support and accountability from your comrades, it could be the x-factor to your goals.

Get a variety of exercises at an accelerated pace. You will learn exercises through free weights and bodyweight movements. Get ready to sweat and sweat a lot.

Learn how to train in intervals. Keeping your heart rate elevated to burn more calories in a short amount of time.

More personalized individual attention than going to a huge fitness class. Your trainer will be able to correct your form and posture.

Working out in a small group will help you with being accountable for success inside and outside of the gym. When you have a supportive environment you are more likely to reach your fitness goals.