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Consistency Over Motivation

If you want to lose weight, should you do HIIT or lift heavy? High reps or lower reps? Slow reps or speed and power? Well, the verdict is still out. The biggest thing you can do is just commit and show up. In plain verbiage, that means just be consistent with your workouts and your nutrition.

Consistency doesn’t even sound like an exciting word at all but makes the whole hell of a difference. As humans, we tend to draw to the things that are surprising and out of the ordinary but consistency is where you see the results. Think about when you were in school and you had to study for a test. When you consistently studied, you saw better results in your test scores. Same thing goes for your fitness journey. Show up and be consistent.

When you have to make adjustments to workout or your nutrition it gives you room for error and procrastination. And, we all know what happens when we procrastinate. Motivation is only going to get you but so far. Everyday that we wake up we are not always motivated to take on the world. Let’s be clear, sometimes we just need to hibernate and hide from the world before taking on the universe. Stop tripping on the small details and start focusing on getting the job done. When there is no motivation focus on consistency. Consistency always wins over motivation, I promise.

Consistency with the Mind

Being consistent doesn’t only set your body up for success, but also sets the mind up for success and clarity. Whenever you are trying to be consistent at something, the hardest part is the beginning. Setting a schedule and sticking to it is extremely important and hard at the same time. Like for example, you set an alarm to wake up every morning at 6am to get up and workout. Once the motivation is gone, your brain is going to tell your body to turn over and hit that snooze button. Your brain always wants to take the path of the least resistance, that just the way we were made. But, when you become consistent with what you have set out for yourself, your brain will prefer to use the new path you have set for yourself.

Consistency changes everything about you. It changes the way you think and feel about yourself. You’ll start to feel some sense of pride when you accomplish the things you have set in place. Like for instance, cook at home, start working out, and sustain from alcohol. Once you hit these milestones, you are not going to want to lose these acknowledgements.

9 ways to be consistent today

  1. Start Slow then slowly increase intensity

  2. Rely on commitment not motivation

  3. Be Reliable

  4. Get a Workout Plan and Diet plan

  5. Create Short term goals

  6. Set Rules for yourself

  7. Make small habits to accomplish everyday

  8. Workout in the morning

  9. Stop making excuses for yourself

Just Commit

Just saying you're committed is not going to get the job done. It may seem easier then what it actually is. But, you don't have to be so hard on yourself. Listen, you are going to have good days and you're going to have bad days. That’s all just a part of the game. But, a baller never quits. Instead of saying, “I can’t” or “I don’t”, say things like “I can” and “I must”. Don’t think about the things you don’t have, think about the things you do have. Stop dwelling on the bad workouts, and praise yourself for what you did. Showing up is half the battle, especially when you weren’t feeling like it in the first place.

When it’s all said and done: Just Commit to what you set for yourself and the rest of it will work itself out.

As Always, Commit, Chase, Conquer!


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