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Being Imperfect is what makes you perfect!

The last diet is just as good as the new diet that starts next week. Every year, there is a new fad diet that comes out and it really gets the people going. But the secret to all these diets is just calories in vs calories out. That’s the biggest key. I want to help you out because I feel like this is super important to you, it was for me.

Grab a seat and notebook, and take notes!

Tip #1 Eat all kinds of foods

When on a diet you go through a cycle of restriction-deprivation-overeating-guilt. Picture this, you started the week so good with eating healthy and then the weekend happens. What happened? It all blew up like eating late-night Taco Bell. You know exactly what I mean. You get out of your routine and eat all the foods that you had restrictive during the week and all the progress you had when down the toilet. When you have access to all foods, your body trusts you and you won’t overeat and have fewer cravings for certain foods. It’s all about creating a balance and a healthy lifestyle. You can not be successful with a diet if it is not a lifestyle that you are able to do for the rest of your life. Eat foods that you enjoy and be free. The key to this whole thing is moderation and control.

Tip #2 Learn to read your body

Learn to listen to your body, it will send you cues on when you are hungry and full. Think about a baby, it eats when it’s hungry and stops when it’s full. Well, unless it's just a greedy baby, but that’s beside the point. Stick with me, as we age we learn to overwrite the cues that our body sends to our brains saying our body is satisfied. We learn to eat off of emotions and instead of eating off the cues of our bodies. Your body is an open book. Read it and read it often!

Tip #3 Be Satisfied

The problem with dieting restriction is that they leave you unsatisfied and wanting more. It’s kind of like a bad relationship. You are unhappy and then before you know it, you start to dibble and dabble in something else. And before you know it what you dibble and dabble in wasn’t good for you either. So when you eat foods that you really want and really enjoy, you will feel satisfied and content with the food you are eating. Make a list of food and try incorporating them into your diet, but make sure it’s all in moderation. Moral of the story: Food is a relationship. How good is your relationship with food?

Tip #4 Get out of your head

Food is food. So, just in case you didn’t know this, but there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” food. It’s just-food. Some food may be more unhealthy than others but it’s still food. So get out of your head and just monitor the food that you do eat. We always want the things that we can have or shouldn’t do. It’s not about how many times you fall off, but how many times you get back up. So, if you have an unhealthy meal, just follow it up with a healthy meal afterward. My goal is to never go to unhealthy meals in a row!

The Take-Out

  • Every diet works

  • Have a good relationship with food

  • Don’t beat yourself up

  • And, never go 2 unhealthy meals in a row

Please, share with a friend, who might find this helpful!

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