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4 Pillars of Good Habit

Our day always goes according to the plan or the habits we do each everyday. Your daily habits have an

impact on you and you may not even realize it.

Positive habits formed over time will have a positive outcome over your life and lifestyle. The first thing you have to do is take ownership in order to reach your goals. Secondly, you have believe that you are deserving of anything positive you are trying to build. Thirdly, patience. You need to be patient, habits take time and when they form concretely and will change how you self-identify. Lastly, consistency, you must be consistent in your actions.

Strategy #1

FOUNDATION: Requirements to a healthy productive lifestyle

Get enough sleep

Get enough exercise

Create order

Manage your eating & drinking

These requirements will help you build the most favorable environment, these keynotes will help you be productive and successful. It’s important to focus on one of these keynotes, they tend to integrate together over time.

The more you key in the more your body will crave

it. If you key in on good habits, your body will want and crave those good habits. If you focus on bad habits, your body will want and crave those bad habits.

Strategy #2


Inner accountability is when one takes responsibility for one's self.

Outer accountability is when one is being held accountable by someone or something.

Inner Accountability Methods:

Set a solid goal (Weight loss, Muscle Gain, etc.)

Clear and specific workout plan that support your fitness journey

Put gym clothes in the front seat of your car

Pack your food at night before you go to bed

Create a healthy reward system for going to the gym

Outer Accountability Methods:

Take weekly classes

Get a personal Trainer

Get a accountability partner

Get a workout homie

Getting a personal trainer is an effective method that will help clarify and simplify an exercise program catered to you. The hardest thing of the whole process is just to show it and work!

Strategy #3

Monitoring: the facts to your results.

Monitoring or tracking your results is super important when you are trying to adopt a new habit of change.

When you monitor what you are doing you are creating awareness. Tracking your foods and workouts are going to be vital to your success. Try getting a journal and documenting everything that you do on a daily basis. Another tip is try downloading fitness trackers on your phone like MyFitnessPal, NikeRun, FitBit, or Apple Watch. These tools will help you monitor your success or even your failures.

Another tracker is to create a habit calendar. Book a calendar on your fridge and mark it off when you are successful.

Strategy #4

Scheduling: Schedule instead of To-Do list.

When you schedule things on a calendar you are more likely to do it and instead of dreading to get to it. Calendar makes everything routine and habit.

Make sure you plan and plan ahead. When you are prepared you are more likely to succeed. Put your gym routines and meal prep on a calendar.

If you like something keep doing it. If you don’t like find something you like. If someone invites you to a workout go workout. Say “yes” and get her done. The power of a strong yes speaks on many volumes.

If you need help, I am here to help.

Remember, Commit, Chase, and Conquer. You got this homie!



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