Intense Training

1:1 Personal Training

At Chase Fitness, our personal training services are individualized to your specific fitness goals and to accommodate your diverse training needs.

Your health is super important and super personal. Each person has their own essential needs, objectives, strengths, and weaknesses.

Although working out with a small group or friend can be exciting and effective to improve your health and fitness - sometimes you may need more of a customizable approach. That may require some individualized coaching from an experienced trainer, and that's totally okay!

Your trainer is your coach, mentor, cheerleader, pit crew chief, helping you along the way of your fitness journey. Your trainer is there to help you break barriers and to maintain your focus on the goals you have set for yourself.

Our personal training services permit the never-ending customization and modification to meet YOUR needs. Your session is YOUR time to find out the perfect workout routine for you.

Personal Trainer

Is personal training for me?

  • I want my life back.  Are you ashamed of the image that stares back at you in the mirror? Do you want to lose 30 pounds? Do you want to play with your kids or grandkids pain-free? Do you want to be able to do the stuff you use to do? If this is you, we will create a fitness program catered to you. This program will keep you motivated and guide you in the right direction of your fitness journey.

  • I just don't have the time. Are you super busy with work? If there were only more hours in a day? Are you stressed about work? If this is you, we can create an effective program that will be quick and efficient for your needs and goals.

  • Needs 1:1 attention for their specific needs and goals. Not sure what to do in the gym? Do you feel uncomfortable in a gym setting? Do you need more motivation? If this is you, our trainers will keep you motivated, build up your confidence, and make sure your workouts meet your needs and goals.

  • I know how to work out but I just can't find the motivation. Have you hit a plateau? Haven't been a gym in a while? Would you rather sit on the couch? If this is you, we have fun effective programs that will help you reach your goals and make fitness fun again for you.

Still unsure if personal training is the right fit for you? Send an email schedule for your FREE Intro session at